Cliff Jumping at Mount Martha Pillars

It was hard to believe we were still in Melbourne when we were standing at the Mount Martha Pillars. Only a 45 minute drive from the CBD, Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsula seemed like a beach straight out of Europe with it’s crystal clear water, steep cliffs and pebble beaches.

After seeing pictures of the Mt Martha Pillars on Instagram I dragged a group of friends down to experience Melbourne’s very own secret cliff beach for ourselves. It was amazing!

With no signs indicating it’s location, no parking area, and absolutely no view of it from the road, you would never know it was there unless you were looking for it, yet the Pillars at Mount Martha is one of the most popular secret swimming spots along the Mornington Peninsula.

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cliffs at mount marthacliff jumping at mount martha pillars

How to get to the Pillars Mount Martha

There was only a very tiny path leading from the road to the edge of the cliffs, and then you had to climb down the face of the rock. It was actually a little scary, but it was also spectacular and definitely worth the struggle and the grazes!

The water was beautifully crystal clear, and the thrill seekers jump from the highest possible platforms, plunging into the ocean. After jumping you have to climb back up the rock to get out of the ocean, so make sure you figure out the best place to get out of the ocean so you don’t get stuck once you jump in!

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mount martha pillarsmount martha beach

The Pillars Controversy

Since our visit to The Pillars there has been lots of talk about the locals in the area trying to stop people from visiting. Quite simply this is because of people being disrespectful to the environment, not thinking about their surroundings and parking dangerously and illegally in the streets surrounding The Pillars.

If you’re thinking about visiting here are a few guidelines to follow to make sure you’re not leaving a negative impact behind you –

  • Make sure you take away every single thing you brought with you. There are no bins on the cliffs here, so make sure you don’t leave any rubbish or personal belongings behind.
  • Park in only designated public parking zones – lots of the streets around Mount Martha are residential parking only, so check the signs before you leave your car. If you have to park a little further away and walk down just deal with it.
  • Be respectful of the natural environment. Avoid walking off the paths that have already been carved through the cliffs to ensure no additional damage is placed on the environment.
  • Be quiet. This is mostly a residential area, so if you’re coming to visit make sure you are being quiet around the houses – no screaming, swearing or playing music super loud.

The locals have been trying to get The Pillars shut down for years, and unless everyone that visits monitors their behaviour and is careful about what they’re doing, it probably will come to that in the end. Don’t give them any more reason to fuss!

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emma and thom from explore shaw at mount martha beach

Despite the recent fuss made by the locals, The Pillars are absolutely one of Melbourne’s hidden treasures. Depending on when you visit you might be lucky enough to share the space with only a few other people, giving you plenty of space to yourself to enjoy the day and the endless scenic views. Very impressive Pillars Melbourne.

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