The Ultimate Island Life

April 4, 2017 No Comments

The Ultimate Island Life

April 4, 2017 No Comments

There are a couple of different luxury resorts on Isla Mujeres but none of them take the cake like Mia Reef. Located on it’s own little island off the main island, Mia Reef was the first of our much awaited “fancy” honeymoon accommodations.

The tiny island that is the home of Mia Reef is at the northern tip of Isla Mujeres and is an all-inclusive property, the first that I have visited. It really set the standards high…

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There’s no denying how beautiful and relaxing Mia Reef is. The water that surround the shores of the island are crystal clear and the sea of turquoise blue warm water stretches as far as you can see. Beach beds line the water and waiters bring you cocktails right to the water.

It was the perfect island life.

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For the first time ever, we actually spent a lot of time enjoying our resort and everything it has to offer. Everyone that worked there was always smiling at you, so helpful and friendly. One of the guys even went out of his way to make us more guacamole (feeding my addiction), even though it wasn’t on the menu at that time.

I honestly can’t speak highly enough of the staff, they all remembered your face and treated you like you were family.

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Mia Reef boasts a private beach, marina on site, swim up bar and food and drink service all day and night. On the beaches right next door, you will also find all the water sports you can think of, including sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, beach yoga, scuba diving, parasailing and snorkelling.

There are free bicycles to borrow from the hotel, and also facilities to rent a golf cart, scooter or moped. To be honest, if you’ve heard about something on Isla Mujeres, Mia Reef will either have it, or make it happen for you.

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I would definitely recommend Mia Reef to anyone staying on Isla Mujeres. It was fantastic and I can’t speak about it highly enough. Staying at an all-inclusive hotel was also such a thrill for us, it not only made it feel more like a honeymoon, but also just made us feel a little bit special!

Have you been to Isla Mujeres before? Where’s your favourite place to stay?

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