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If it’s your first time here welcome to Explore Shaw, our little internet home where we like to share stories and adventures from our travels around the world.

We met all the way back in year 11, when msn was still a thing and we were too young to have a drivers licence. We left for our first big trip together the day after Thom completed his carpentry apprenticeship and have been travelling the world whenever we can ever since.

After our wedding in 2017, on our first visit to Uluru we came up with a plan to travel around Australia for a year. And after lots of planning and savings and completely renovating a vintage caravan, that’s exactly what we did. 

Due to a certain pandemic our lap ended being a zig-zagging all across the country, driving and flying our way to as many places as we could. There’s still a big part of WA we haven’t been able to explore yet, but I’m sure we’ll get there one day! In December 2021 we welcomed little baby Macey into the world, and we’re excited to start travelling again as a tiny family of 3.

We love sharing all our adventures on the blog and social media, so make sure you come along for the ride with us. You can find us at @exploreshaw on both Instagram and Facebook.

And make sure you grab a copy of our book – Ultimate Weekends Australia!

Happy travels, 

Emma and Thom
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