Hey, We're Emma & THom!

And we’re so glad you’re here!

If it’s your first time here welcome to Explore Shaw, our little internet home where we like to share stories and adventures from our travels around the world.

Let’s start with a little bit of our back story. We met all the way back in year 11, when msn was still a thing and we were too young to have a drivers licence. We left for our first big trip together the day after Thom completed his carpentry apprenticeship and have been travelling the world whenever we can ever since.

We’ve spent most of our twenty’s in a cycle of saving, travelling and big life moments. Along the way we noticed that lots of people were shocked that we continued to travel even as we bought a house and saved for a wedding. So we wanted to share how you can do it too! 

There’s no secret to it, it’s a lot of working hard and saving harder and prioritising what you spend money on each day. But when you finally land in your dream destination, it puts everything into perspective and it’s absolutely worth it.

Across the blog you can find some of our favourite adventures, travel tips, destination advice and amazing experiences from around the world. 

what's next?

We’ve never really felt like we were meant for a normal life. So we’ve decided that next year we’re packing everything up, renting out our house and heading off on the ultimate lap around Australia to explore everything our beautiful country has to offer. 

Right now we’re in the middle of renovating a vintage Viscount caravan that’s going to be our little home on wheels next year. There’s so much to do (and the cold Melbourne nights don’t make it easy) and we’re working on our van every spare minute we have at the moment, but we can’t wait to take off next year! 

We’ll be sharing everything on the blog as we get a bit closer but for now you can follow along with your van build on Instagram and Facebook.

Happy travels, 

Emma and Thom

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