Cruising in Los Cabos

March 28, 2017 No Comments

Cruising in Los Cabos

March 28, 2017 No Comments
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The best way to see everything Cabo has to offer on the water is by boat. Cabo San Lucas is famous for it’s incredible rock formations which can only be seen from the water. You might have heard of them before, the most famous are known as Lovers Beach and The Arch.

We first caught a glimpse of both when we set off on our Whale Watching Adventure, but decided to return later that afternoon by renting a glass bottom boat from the marina.

As you walk along the Marina Cabo San Lucas you will no doubt be bombarded by fisherman and tour sellers, offering you fishing trips, glass bottom boat trips and all sorts of water sports right off the beach. Cabo is definitely one of the worst places in Mexico for that, probably due to the incredibly high number of American tourists flocking to the shores all year round.

If you’re like us, you probably ignore them all – my theory is if you don’t make eye contact you can keep walking. However, when you’re ready it’s a good idea to look out for someone to take you out on a glass bottom boat tour to explore where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez.

los caboslos cabos

Finding the perfect cruise

Most of the local fisherman offer a 40 minute cruise, taking you to all of the interesting and famous rock formations Cabo is know for. They will get you the best views of the Arch, as well as take you past Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach, the Scooby Doo Rock, Pelican Rock, and so much more.

We went on a glass bottom boat tour, which cost us $15 USD or 300 pesos for the 40 minute trip. There was a little bit of a language barrier, with our driver only speaking mostly Spanish, but we embraced it and had a great time!

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los caboslos cabos

Lovers & Divorce Beach

Lovers and Divorce Beach are named that way because of the patterns of the ocean on either side of the rocks. Lovers Beach looks into the Sea of Cortez, with waters that are lovely and calm, perfect for swimming, snorkelling and water sports.

Alternatively, Divorce Beach is the complete opposite, with harsh thrashing waves and dangerous rips and currents. Our tour guide told us that recently the beach has been closed to swimming due to the dangers.

If you want to stop and swim at Lovers Beach I would suggest getting a taxi boat from the maria, rather than a glass bottom boat. It might also be a good idea to organise a pick up time with the same driver to make sure you can get back easily and you don’t spend ages waiting for a taxi boat.

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los caboslos cabos

Along the way, we pulled over close to Pelican’s Rock and our drivers brought out some bread to feed to the fish. Through the glass bottom boat and even just over the side of the boat we could see the absolute FRENZY of fish happening under us.

There had to have been thousands near the surface, so I can’t imagine the colourful snorkelling dream that would have been going on underneath us.

You can also take a different tour if you would like to snorkel around the rock formations. Just ask the friendly fisherman on the docks!

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