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Both a country and a city, Singapore has so much more to offer than just being a halfway point for long term flights. Stop for a few days and get out of the airport to explore the best of what this diverse city has to offer. 

travel guide to singapore

Singapore is more than just a lay over city on your way to Europe. It is a country, a city, a multi-cultural home to countless expats and a vibrant country that is definitely worth leaving the airport for!

When To Visit: Due to the tropical nature of Singapore there is not much difference in rainfall between the wet and “dry” seasons. For the most enjoyable time to visit, go between the monsoon seasons and avoid travelling between May and September, as these are the hottest months with the highest levels of humidity. 

Language: Singapore has four official languages – English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. However, the extremely multi-cultural nature of Singapore means that you could hear any number of different languages while walking the streets. Most Singaporeans you will encounter working in hospitality and tourism speak excellent English.

International Airport: Changi International Airport (SIN) is not only one of the most impressive airports in the world, but is also often a lay over stop for long haul flights between Australia and Europe or Asia. 

Changi Airport is located about 25 minutes out of the main city of Singapore. A taxi will cost you about $16SIN including the airport surcharge, however, there is also a 50% late night surcharge on all taxis if you’re arriving between midnight and 5am. Taxis in Singapore should all use their metres, so make sure it’s turned on before you get in the car. 


Capital City: Singapore

Time Zone: Singapore follows the Singapore Time Zone GMT + 8. 

Currency: The currency in Singapore is Singapore Dollar $SIN. At that time of writing, $1SIN coverts to $1.04AUD, $0.73USD and £0.56GBP.

Credit Cards & ATMs: Credit and debit cards are widely accepted across Singapore and ATMs are accessible everywhere. 

Driving: Always drive on the left side of the road in Singapore. Visitors will need to carry an international drivers permit (IDP) issued by the Automobile Associate in Singapore if you are planning to drive.

Power: In Singapore the power plugs and sockets are of type G. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Internet Access: Singapore has extremely high speed wifi which can be found in almost all restaurants and hotels. You can also usually find somewhere offering free wifi on the street, including train stations, underground malls and the Singapore Visitors Centre. 

Visa Requirements: Visas are not required to enter Singapore for stays of under 90 days for anyone travelling with a passport from Australia, USA, all European Union countries and most of the world, with the exception of much of North Asia and the Middle East. Check the requirements of your passport before you travel to avoid any issues.  

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