Exploring the Island of Isla Mujeres

April 6, 2017 No Comments

Exploring the Island of Isla Mujeres

April 6, 2017 No Comments

Despite my new found appreciation for relaxing, I was still a beginner and still needed to get out and do at least one activity each day. The beauty of renting a golf cart on Isla Mujeres meant that we could take our time exploring the island at our own pace. It’s quite amazing how much is jammed onto this little Mexican paradise in the Caribbean Sea.

We spent our days cruising around the island, stopping to enjoy the stunning views. Here are some of our favourite places you should be sure to visit.

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Tortugranja Turtle Farm

This place has a beautiful story.

Until about 20 years ago, fisherman on Isla Mujeres would lie in wait along the shore each summer night as the enormous turtles emerged from the ocean to lay their eggs. Afterward, the fisherman would swoop in and size the tired turtles as easy prey. A few years ago, a group of concerned fisherman and private activists began collecting eggs in order to preserve the species. Shortly thereafter, the Mexican Fishing Ministry established the Centro de Investigaciones Pesqueras in order to protect the sea turtles and increase the population. 

They are doing an amazing job. The Turtle Farm is found near the centre of the island and allows visitors to walk through both indoor and outdoor pools to observe young turtles, from newborns up to one year of age. Since the farm opened, tens of thousands of sea turtles have been released and there are now six different species of turtles living on the island.

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The Turtle Farm is very peaceful, right on the water, with very few people walking around. We often had pools all to ourselves to watch the beautiful little animals.

Entry was only $30 pesos per person which is around the $2 AUD mark, and you could stay for as long at you like. Grab a fresh coconut on the way in (or out!) to keep you hydrated.

77400 Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo 

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Punta Sur Sculpture Garden

Right at the opposite end of the island is Punta Sur, the highest elevation in the Yucatan and home to an ancient temple honoring the Mayan Moon Goddess. This is also where you will find the Punta Sur Sculpture Garden – an outdoor art exhibit in a tropical setting with the most azure blue water surrounding you on all sides.

The Sebastian Foundation, along with 23 artists from Mexico and around the world created the exhibit in 2001 using modern shapes and bright colours to interpret the legendary spirit of the Mayan civilization.

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