On Safari in Kruger National Park

February 19, 2015 No Comments

On Safari in Kruger National Park

February 19, 2015 No Comments
elephant in kruger national park

Day two of our South African Safari included a whole day game drive roaming around Kruger National Park. It was probably the day I was most excited about out of our safari itinerary. A whole day game drive around Kruger National Park – driving around the natural home of the wildlife that roams around Africa. To say I was excited was an understatement. The day started bright and early at 6am. Since the entrance to Kruger was about an hour and a half drive from where we were started, we wanted to get on the road early!

The day started off cold, windy and rainy, and we were so disappointed! Everyone was huddled under blankets in the open 4×4, trying to pretend that the wind and rain wasn’t bothering us. We tried to be positive and enjoyed the few wildlife spots we had amongst the rain. Whilst they were spread out, and not in great abundance, they were still always exciting. In total we saw one lone male, a tortoise, a chameleon, some impala, lots of monkeys and baboons that were running way to fast to grab a photo of and a buffalo.

However, on our way to lunch our luck started to change. We came across a lake filled with hippos. Absolutely the largest pod of hippos we had seen so far! There would have been more than thirty of them swimming around together, including a few babies! We were even lucky enough to see a couple of males have a little bit of a disagreement – which included lots of loud grunting and poop flinging!

We stopped for a quick lunch and then loaded straight back up in the 4×4, enthusiastic for what the afternoon would bring. The sun was well and truly out now and it was hot – everyone was so much more positive about the afternoon! Straight off the bat we saw two male lions and two cheetahs! Apparently there aren’t often cheetahs in this area of Kruger, and you could tell that even the guides were happy! We sat for ages watching the cheetahs! It didn’t matter that they were quite far away or that they weren’t really doing anything, it was a privilege just to watch them be.

Continuing our drive around Kruger we came across several lone elephants, as well as a large herd of elephants, a couple of rhino in the far distance that ran away before we could grab a photo, zebras, impala, wildebeest, kudo and even a carcass with savages feasting on the remains. Elephants have to be one of my favourite animals of all time, and no matter how many we saw they were always exciting to me!

I wish I had of had more time to explore Kruger. Despite spending the whole day exploring the park we didn’t even make a dint in it. Kruger National Park covers 19,633 square kilometres – and that’s not including all the reserves that make up the area of Greater Kruger. If you’ve got the time I would recommend booking a safari that has at least 2 full days, if not 3 in Kruger National Park. There is so much to explore, and you are always covering new ground and spotting beautiful wildlife!

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