Exploring Port Lucaya on Grand Bahama Island

On a whim we decided to take a day trip to Grand Bahama Island while we were in Florida. We had heard that you could catch a fast ferry across to the iconic beach destination for a fraction of the price that flights over would cost and we wanted to experience the ultimate island life for ourselves.

Unfortunately it didn’t go quite to the plan we had in our heads. Heading over to the Bahamas by ferry meant we only had a very short amount of time to spend in the Bahamas, only about 6 hours in fact, which definitely wasn’t enough time to explore this beautiful little spot.

lucayan beachlucayan beach

This quick little day trip was pretty much just a very fast glimpse into some of the Caribbean’s beautiful island life. We arrived via the Balearia Bahamas Express fast ferry and as soon as we got to the dock we jumped straight onto the waiting transfer bus that took us to the nearby town of Port Lucaya.

Exploring Port Lucaya

Port Lucaya is a very colourful little town, where all the shops and buildings have been pained pink, blue, yellow and green.

The Port Lucaya Marketplace is the largest shopping, dining and entertainment open air facility in all of the Bahamas, with heaps of speciality boutiques, a mixture of traditional and western restaurants, as well as bars and lounges for a bit of night time entertainment. If you’re not sure where to start in the marketplace, give these favourites a try –

  • Hit up the famous Coconut & Fruit Daiquiri Stand and Daddy Brown’s Conch & Seafood Stand for authentic Bahamian island treats.
  • Visit the Count Baise Square (also known as the Market Place Square) where there is often live music in the evenings that will have you dancing all night long.
  • Check out the duty free stores to so some tax free shopping!
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lucayan beach

The Port Lucayan Marketplace is within walking distance of the main beach and is only about 12 miles away from the harbour. While you’re here you can also book some of the local activities and water sports to try out, with everything from bike tours to snorkelling to keep you busy.

Lucaya Beach was one of the most beautiful we have ever swam in. The water was completely clear, with white sandy shores and palm trees everywhere. We spent most of the time we had to explore the island swimming in the warm ocean water and walking along the endless beach shores. It would have been better if we had of had a lot more time to spend on Grand Bahama Island, but we’ll get back there one day!

port lucaya marketplaceport lucaya marketplace

Grand Bahama Island

If you have a little bit more time to spend on Grand Bahama Island there is so much to this island than just Port Lucaya. Some of the other things you can experience on Grand Bahama Island include –

  • Swim with dolphins or sharks in the open ocean at the dolphin lagoon at Sanctuary Bay.
  • Hit a round of golf at the Reef Golf Course while you’re checking out the views.
  • Take a trip out to Grand Lucayan’s Lighthouse Pointe.
  • Try out as many water sports as you can, with snorkelling, parasailing, water-skiing, fishing, scuba diving and sailing all popular in the Bahamas.
  • Ride a horse along the beach.
  • Explore the Lucayan National Park, home to one of the longest underwater cave systems in the world, as well as boardwalk hikes through the mangroves, the Bahamas tallest sand dunes and unspoiled sandy beaches.
  • Check out the beautiful Gold Rock Beach and continue around to Banana Bay where you can try the popular local speciality drink, the Wacky Frozen Banana.
  • Visit the waterfalls at Garden of the Groves.
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grand bahama islandgrand bahama island

Heading To The Islands On The Balearia Bahamas Express

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