Santorini Secrets: Bay Of Ammoudi

One of our absolute favourite spots in Greece was the Bay of Ammoudi. With some of the bluest water we have ever seen and a seafood restaurant sitting right on the water, it was quiet down there and so peaceful.

We stumbled across this little gem by accident, that’s always the way isn’t it! We were just spending a few hours riding our quad bike around the island, following roads with no signs and not knowing where they led, when we came across this little bay at the bottom of a super windy road.

Greece is one of those places where you can easily find somewhere secluded and private to make you feel like you’re the only people in the world. Bay of Ammoudi was one of those beautifully unexpected places for us.

bay of ammoudibay of ammoudi

Getting to the Bay of Ammoudi

If you’re coming from Oia and you’re trying to get to the Bay of Ammoudi by foot, you can take the steep stairs down to the bay, but be prepared for a little bit of a hike!

The other option is to ride a donkey from the top of the cliff down to the waters edge. Although as we watched from the bottom this honestly looked like a bit of an accident waiting to happen. Those steps are so steep and the donkeys really seem like they have a mind of their own. They can be very temperamental and really look like they have a bit of an attitude.

If you’re not coming from Oia and you’re riding a bike around to the bay, you can just follow the signs along the side of the road until you hit find it. There’s an incredibly steep decline in the road on you’re way down, but just keep following it around. The Bay of Ammoudi is really the only thing at the end of the road, so you can’t miss it.

From here you can go swimming right off the dock or walk around to the nearby seafood restaurant. If there’s a tour bus or a bit of a crowd when you arrive give it about 10 to 15 minutes. The crowds move away quickly and before you know it you’ll have the place all to yourself again.

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There are a few restaurants sitting along the edge of the water, but the real draw is that beautiful crystal clear water. With hardly anyone making the trek down to Ammoudi it’s likely that you will be have the water almost completely to yourself, with only two other people swimming there when we arrived.

Standing at the bottom of the road, looking up at the steep red cliff side and the town with all of the tiny white houses and cafes scattered in-between the tough rock formations really made us fall in love with Greece and Santorini. It’s such a beautifully peaceful spot and if we had a little bit more time we could have easily spent a whole afternoon swimming around in this little bay.

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bay of ammoudi

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