24 Hours in Mexico City

March 20, 2017 No Comments

24 Hours in Mexico City

March 20, 2017 No Comments

The adventure began in Mexico City. A busy, vibrant city, with something different in every district!

Arriving in Mexico City, we  didn’t quite know what to expect. We hadn’t done as much research as we usually do, and we were happy to just go with the flow and see where the city took us.

We absolutely loved the colour and street art of Mexico City, with so many of the buildings and walls covered in beautiful art work.

Here’s a super quick guide for anyone spending just 24 hours in Mexico City.

mexico city

Where To Stay in Mexico City

We stayed at Sevilla Palace on Paseo de la Reforma Avenida in the heart of Mexico City. It was a great place to base ourselves in the city, within walking distance of many of the main streets and attractions, as well as close to public transport options. The hotel offered free wifi, an onsite restaurant and bar and 24 hour room service, which is always great for people crossing time zones like we were.

Find the best prices for Sevilla Palace

If you want to stay a little bit out of the main city, the suburb of La Condesa was fantastic. More of an up and coming hipster area, the streets are overflowing with trendy bars and restaurants, designer shops and boutique hotels.

We didn’t know about the area before we arrived, but definitely would have stayed there if we had of been aware of it. La Condesa is about 15 to 20 minutes by car or bus from the city centre, but definitely the place to be for food and nightlife.

streets of mexico citystreets of mexico city

What to do in Mexico City

With only one full day to spend in Mexico City, we decided to jump onto a sightseeing bus to see as much of the city as we could with the limited time that we had. The Turibus would have to be the best sightseeing bus going around – with an open top, English commentary through the headphones and four different sightseeing routes, the Turibus really gets you around the city!

It’s a traditional hop on hop off bus, allowing you to visit many of the different sights and attractions around Mexico City and it’s surrounding suburbs. It’s only 140 pesos per person for the whole day, which is definitely the cheapest tour bus we’ve ever found!

Save time – grab your tickets for the Turibus in advance

churro delivery man

Where To Eat in Mexico City

The food in Mexico City was fantastic, with Abran Cancha being home to potentially one of the best steaks I have ever eaten overseas (a massive call for me!). There was quite a language barrier, with most of the staff speaking very little to no English and an all Spanish menu, but they were able to give us a couple of recommendations and WOW! It was amazing!!

The restaurant is located in the La Condesa area and is definitely worth the trip, the food was so delicious. You can find Abran Cancha at Av Michoacán 110, Hipódromo Condesa. And of course, since you’re in Mexico City, make sure you find yourself some churros!! How could you not.

Check out the best places to stay around La Condesa

water fountain in mexico city

Getting around Mexico City

We found that Uber was definitely the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to get around the city.

There’s no doubt about it – Mexico City was not what we had expected. The streets were clean, with modern buildings lining the streets and lovely, friendly people everywhere we went. People keep asking us if we felt safe there and we absolutely did – we didn’t feel unsafe for a minute.

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3 Day Trips To Take From Mexico City

Here’s a photo diary of our day in Mexico City. The city was so full of life and colour, we could have spent hours just photographing the street art.

streets of mexico citystreets of mexico citystreets of mexico citystreets of mexico citystreets of mexico citystreets of mexico citystreets of mexico citystreets of mexico city

More of Mexico

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