An Essential Guide To Manuel Antonio

Perhaps one of the most perfect honeymoon destinations in the world, Manuel Antonio has everything.

A national park full of adventure activities and amazing wildlife experiences (there’s no way you won’t spot a sloth here), white sand beaches running into beautiful blue water, and epic hotels and resorts with ocean and mountain views, offering you the best luxury Costa Rica has to offer.

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Where is Manuel Antonio?

Manuel Antonio is located in the Quepos region of Costa Rica, where they follow the Central Standard Time (CST), UTC -6.

Getting To Manuel Antonio

The only international airport on Costa Rica is Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose (SJO). SJO is located just under 3 hours away from Manuel Antonio if you’re travelling by car. Taxi rides and transfers organised through the hotel cost about $150 USD for the transfer.

You can get a domestic flight to Quepos Airport (XQP) from SJO and many of the other domestic airports around Costa Rica that generally only take about 25 minutes. Surprisingly, they can be cheaper than the transfers if the times work for you.

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Language in Costa Rica

Spanish. Many people working in the tourism and service industry, such as hotel and restaurant staff, taxi drivers and people working at the National Parks speak excellent English.

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Climate in Manuel Antonio

High temperatures all year round. Rainy season between May and November, with dry season from December through to April. Very humid and sticky through the drier months.

Getting Around Manuel Antonio

You can get around pretty much everywhere in Manuel Antonio by taxi or walk. Taxis between the main road of hotels and the main beach and Manuel Antonio National Park cost about $10 USD per ride. You can walk between the National Park and the main beach in about 15-20 minutes.

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Currency in Costa Rica

Currency is Costa Rican Colon ₡. USD is also widely accepted.

There are absolutely no ATMs inside Manuel Antonio National Park. However, you can do a cash withdraw from the ticket box when you buy your ticket – this does have large fees associated with it, both in a commission fee to the ‘banker’ at the ticket box and also in international transfer fees, but it is good to know if you’re desperate.

The most accessible ATM we found was at the small strip of shops on the corner of the 618 Freeway, Provincia de Puntarenas and the road that leads down to all the major hotels.

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Internet Access in Manuel Antonio

Great connections in most hotels as well as many restaurants and cafes.

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The Main Streets of Manuel Antonio

The “618 Road” (that’s the only name Google maps will give me) runs right down the hill all the way to the main beach of Playa Espadilla and Manuel Antonio National Park.

You can find souvenirs and shopping between the park and the beach, with restaurants and cafes also lining the street.

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Best Time To Go to Costa Rica

Mid-December to April during the dry season, although be prepared for some very hot days and high humidity.

Can’t Miss Experiences in Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio National Park is the main focus of this region of Costa Rica. Not only does it offer some of the most beautiful beaches with white sand shores and crystal clear water, the wildlife in the park is insane, with monkeys and exotic birds everywhere you turn. It’s also one of the best places in the country to get the chance to spot a sloth in their natural habitat.

Make sure you take a walk down the Sloth Trail in the national park for your best chances.

There’s also no shortage of adventure activities to be found in Manuel Antonio including 4WD, ATV and off-roading tours, kayaking, canoeing, wildlife safaris and night walks, hiking, camping, ziplining and aerial adventure parks.

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Good to know for your visit to Manuel Antonio

If you’re arriving to Manuel Antonio via Quepos Airport there will not be transfers and taxis waiting at the airport (it’s not the type of domestic airport you’re probably used to). Make sure you organise to be picked up from the airport before you land to avoid waiting.

Finding Sloths In Manuel Antonio

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