Hot Air Ballooning Over Melbourne

April 26, 2015 No Comments

Hot Air Ballooning Over Melbourne

April 26, 2015 No Comments

A couple of weeks ago it was my 24th birthday and it had the best start to my 24th year that I could imagine. Thom had an awesome idea for a present, hot air ballooning over Melbourne’s CBD!

It’s something we had both been talking about for ages, but it’s just so expensive that we have always had too many other things going on. I mean, you could fly three people to Bali and back for the price of these hot air balloon rides! But it was so worth it.

We got up super early – about 4am to drive into the city and meet the tour guides at the Sofitel on Collins. We were then driven about 20 minutes to Moorabbin, which would be our take off place.

I’ll be honest, I was nervous about getting in a hot air balloon. I thought surely it wouldn’t feel secure and I would feel like I was about to drop out of the sky at any moment. But I was pleasantly surprised.

The basket was cushioned the whole way around, so it was very comfortable to lean on and made me feel so safe. It was also a bit taller than I expected, which was very comforting. The whole trip was amazing. Take-off was effortless and so light you couldn’t even feel that you were moving.

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Due to the wind patterns that day we flew from Moorabbin to Yarra Bend, approaching the city the whole time. Unfortunately we didn’t get to fly directly over the city, but we still had amazing views. The sun was rising while we were flying, creating beautiful colours across the earth and I even had a whole basket of strangers sing happy birthday to me in the sky!

The balloon flew at many different altitudes throughout the flight, even rising above the clouds at one stage! Above the clouds I stuck my face over the edge of the basket and it was absolutely freezing, but within the walls of the basket the fire kept you so warm and cosy, it was just amazing!

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After our balloon ride we had a champagne breakfast at the Sofitel on Collins. Probably the best breakfast of my whole entire life! The pictures of us inside the balloon were taken by a go-pro hanging off the side of the balloon. It cost an extra $20 for the pictures to be sent to you, but I am so glad I bought them, they are amazing and capture an angle that you would never get yourself!

We booked our hot air balloon experience HERE, and prices for a Hot Air Balloon Ride over Melbourne’s CBD start at $425AUD per person. Click through for more photos from our morning in the sky!

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