Swimming On The Edge Of A Waterfall In The Devils Pool

Without a doubt in the world, the most exhilarating moment of our lives has been visiting the Devil’s Pool. Sitting on the edge of a waterfall with one of the biggest drops in the world, while the water all around you rushes over the edge.

We only found out about the Devil’s Pool a couple of months before we left for Africa. It was listed in Lonely Planet’s Africa Guidebook as one of the top activities in all of Africa.

They were not wrong.

It was absolutely, 100% the best thing we did in Africa, and we would do it again in a heartbeat.

livingstone hotel zambiaselfie in zambia

Guided tours to the Devils Pool

Taking a dip in the Devil’s Pool is part of a tour that includes breakfast on Livingstone Island. There’s no way to visit or swim in the Devil’s pool without doing a tour, as there is quite a bit of travel involved.

The Devil’s Pool and Livingstone Island are only accessible from the Zambian side of Victoria Falls – so if you’re staying in Zimbabwe like we did, make sure you purchase a univisa, to allow entry into Zambia.

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victoria fallsswimming in the devils pool

The tour starts at the Royal Livingstone Hotel, where a small tin boat takes you over to Livingstone Island.

From the Island you see a beautiful view of the Zambian side of the Falls. Whilst much smaller than the Zimbabwean side of the Falls, they offer a different perspective and are just as breathtaking.

You can stand right on the edge of the cliff face, and take photos into the gorge if you’re game enough, it is a crazy crazy feeling!

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the devils pool

We met our guides and lifesavers on the island and got ready for the craziest thing we’ve ever done. What they don’t tell you when booking this tour is that you have to swim across the falls current.

The Devil’s Pool is probably 50 or so metres away from the Island, and you have to swim your way across a number of different currents to get there. It was just insane and we were very thankful that we are both good swimmers!

Exploring The Epic Victoria Falls

Swimming in the Devil’s Pool is indescribable. You are on the edge of a waterfall. A giant waterfall, that would surely kill you if you fell over the edge. And yet we felt so safe and secure with Felix, our lifesaver. Lying on the edge of the cliff face, and looking down into the Falls was something we will never forget.

It was definitely something we never thought we would experience and it just blew our minds.

swimming in the devils poolthe devils pool zambiavictoria falls zambia

Swimming in the Devils Pool

You get about 10 minutes in the Devil’s Pool during the tour. One of the great things about this tour was the guide and lifesaver. They were such lovely, friendly people! Happy to answer any question, and help if you needed it.

The guide took photos on everyone’s personal cameras or phones from angles you could never get yourself. If you scroll through the photos in this post you will see him standing on the very edge of the waterfall. They were fearless, and by far my favourite tour guides whilst in Africa.

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breakfast at the devils poolbreakfast at the devils pooltransport to the devils pool

After spending some time at the Devil’s Pool and swimming back to Livingstone Island a beautiful breakfast was provided on the island. Every single detail of the experience was absolutely perfect.

The food was beautiful, and you can’t get a better breakfast view then the edge of a waterfall. For more information on the tour options available check out all the options here.

Prices start from around $210 AUD for a tour to the Devils Pool, but they differ depending on what you get included with the different tour companies. Make sure you compare a few different options before booking the cheapest one to make sure it includes breakfast and transporting you across the border if you’re staying in Zimbabwe.

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Swimming in the Devils Pool

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