Vivonne Bay – The Prettiest Beach On Kangaroo Island

This post was updated in January 2019 after our second visit to Kangaroo Island. 

We had followed a red dirt road and a tiny sign that said jetty and as we drove over the hill we never expected the most breathtaking sweeping views over a bay of bright blue, crystal clear water, surrounded by white sandy cliffs and with a few boats floating on top.

On our first visit in 2015, Vivonne Bay was the most beautiful beach we had ever seen to date, and as we drove over that hill for the second time in December 2018, it still had the same jaw-dropping effect. The best part was that this time, we had brought our family with us, and got to share one of our favourite spots with others.

vivonne bay vivonne bay

There’s not much at Vivonne Bay, the beach itself and the small jetty area speak all for themselves. They don’t need anything else there, they are so pretty and just the perfect back drop for a lazy summers day on Kangaroo Island.

Despite both of our visits to Vivonne Bay being between Christmas and New Years, the peak time of year for people visiting Kangaroo Island, the beach was virtually deserted both times. There was only a handful of people down there each time. It’s not really that surprising, hidden away amongst the rocky cliffs, at the end of a dirt road, if you didn’t know you were looking for it, it would be easy to miss it.

Everything You Need To Know About Kangaroo Island

vivonne bay

There are a few boats around the bay, that look like they’re floating on glass, honestly the water is that clear and still. As the only safe harbour on the southern coast of Kangaroo Island, Vivonne Bay is also the base for crayfishing boats between November to May.

20 Things To Do On Kangaroo Island

vivonne bay vivonne bay

Where To Stay In Vivonne Bay

The Vivonne Bay Campground is only a short distance from the beach and would be such a beautiful place to base yourself. In addition to being pet friendly, there are toilets and showers available and the camping sites are large and clean.

You can’t book a spot in advance, they are given out on a first come, first serve basis and fees do apply. Check in with the self-service machine at the campground to make sure it’s all good to camp before you set everything up.

For everything you need to know about camping in Vivonne Bay check out the Kangaroo Island Council website.

There are also a few different holiday houses and lodges in the area that offer beautiful views over the bay. Check out HomeAway and Airbnb for all the options.

Check out the best places to stay around Vivonne Bay

vivonne bay vivonne bay

What’s Around Vivonne Bay

There’s only one shop in Vivonne Bay which pretty much caters for the whole southern side of the island. The Vivonne Bay General Store is a one stop shop for everything you need in the area.

They have a small take away counter serving fish and chips and burgers all year round, as well as selling gifts and souvenirs, snacks, drinks and basic groceries – think what you would expect at a petrol station. They sell fuel as well too, it’s the only place on the south side of the island to fill up.

Vivonne Bay General Store – LOT 4417 South Coast Road || Ph: (08) 8559 4285

The Vivonne Bay General Store is open from 9am until 5:30pm each day

aerial photo of vivonne bay

There are also a few different attractions in the area –

Little Sahara right next door, is like a mini desert and are the only sand dunes on the island. There are lots of different activities and adventure sports available around Little Sahara, including quad biking and sand boarding and it’s also a great place to go hiking.

Vivonne Bay is also not too far away from sights like Hanson Bay, Flinders Chase National Park and Seal Bay Conservation Park.

Top 5 Best Beaches on Kangaroo Island

vivonne bay jetty

There’s still lots more of Australia to explore, but this is definitely one of our favourite beaches around Australia so far. It’s just so beautiful and whether you spend an hour or a whole day here, you won’t regret making the trip.

What are some of your favourite beaches around South Australia?

Explore more of our adventures around Kangaroo Island

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