Greetings From Springfield USA at Universal Studios

You might recognise this next place from one of the most popular cartoon’s in the whole wide world.

Half way across the USA we stumbled across Springfield. Until now, the fictional world that is the home of the Simpsons family and all of their wonderful cartoon glory. One of our main reasons for visiting Universal Studios in Orlando (apart from visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter) was to come and see Springfield with our own eye.


We’re pretty big fans of the Simpsons, especially the newer seasons where you can see Homer and the family using modern technology like iPads and iPhones! During the time of our visit, Springfield and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter were only at the Universal Studios in Orlando (they recently have been opened in California now as well), so we planned the Florida leg of our USA trip around visiting these two worlds.

In Springfield you can completely immerse yourself in the Simpsons world, visiting the different places you see on the show, trying out their snacks and drinks and even going on a few rides that throw yourself into the 2D life we are used to watching on TV.

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lard lad donuts springfield usapink donutworld famous pink donut

What to do in Springfield

Here are some of the can’t miss things to do when you’re visiting Springfield –

Try a world famous pink donut from Lard Lad’s Donuts to try one of those iconic pink donuts that are bigger than your head! If you eat a whole one of these bad boys you’re sure to feel sick, but they’re definitely the best donuts we’ve ever tried. Out the front of Lard Lad’s Donuts you can also see Cheif Wiggum’s patrol car crashed into a fire hydrant, he obviously couldn’t wait to grab his donuts for the day.

duff gardens breweryflaming moe

Head to the Duff Gardens Brewery to try a flaming Moe , the infamous drink from Moe’s failed attempt at running a night club. The flaming Moe comes in a souvenir keep cup, so if you have some spare dry ice at home you can actually re-create these magical drinks again and again.

The Duff Brewery is a great outdoor open-air bar where you can also try the infamous Duff Beer.

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jebediah springfield statue bumblebee man's taco truck

In the middle of the town square is the statue of Springfield’s founder, Jedediah Springfield, heavily featured throughout the series, as well as in the show opener in almost every season.

Just along the main road from the statue you can also see Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck where you can grab yourself a taco on the go.

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krusty burgercletus' chicken shack

Along Fast Food Boulevard you won’t find any golden arches of the typical fast food chains you might be used to, but you will find a lot of our cartoon favourites.

Along this street you can hit up Krusty Burger, obviously for a Krusty Burger, Cletus’ Chicken Shack with Cletus out the front to welcome you, as well as the Frying Dutchman and Luigi’s Pizza.

moe's tavern

The iconic Moe’s Tavern is also along this street, and it literally couldn’t look more like the tavern in the show. In Moe’s Tavern you can also find the famous love tester which you can actually have a go at and find out your love rating.

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Shop for gifts and souvenirs at the Kwik-E-Mart or the Android Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop.

There are only two rides in Springfield, although there are a few carnival games scattered around for you to try your skills at. The main ride attraction though is Krustyland, the theme park within a theme park, where you can jump on the Simpsons Ride. This virtual reality ride will have you hurtiling through Krustyland, while you’re trying to avoid the evil Sideshow Bob.

Kang & Kodos Twirl ‘n’ Hurl is the other ride in Springfield, which pretty much does exactly what it says and frantically spins you around in a flying saucer.


To really top off your trip, keep an eye out for any of the characters walking around Springfield of a meet and greet opportunity. You can usually find them at the corner of Fast Food Boulevard and Evergreen Terrace.

Where would you love to visit in Springfield?

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando

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