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Welcome to our vanlife journal. On this page we’re going to be sharing all the details of our caravan renovation. We bought our vintage Viscount Royal in October last year, and have been working on it ever since. 

We always have the vision of our van being a very unique one. It has the retro old-school frame, but has been redesigned with a new off-road chassis, making it stronger and tougher then ever. It’s a pretty extreme reno, much bigger than we have originally thought. It’s been pretty stressful at times, but we’re so excited about what we’re building and can’t wait for the van to finally be complete. 

latest update:

Right now we’re coming to the end of re-building the outside and we’re just closing up the van. We’re putting in the last couple of windows, working on making the door fit, and getting ready to start getting really serious about the inside. 

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