Why You Should Match Your Caravan Tyres To Your Car

It’s no secret that we’re travelling through some pretty remote and rough places on our travels around Australia. We’ve already tackled the Oodnadatta Track, the Mereenie Loop, and driven all the way down the Central Arnhem Road to Nhulunbuy and back.

In fact, we have just arrived back in Cairns from driving up to the tip of Cape York and back and let me tell you, that was actually the worst road we’ve tackled so far this year!

So when we were building our caravan and getting our car ready for the trip, finding the right tyres was very important to us. They needed to be good for towing, off-road, corrugated roads, as well as just for getting around in normal situations. We landed on the Falken WILDPEAK AT3W tyres, and they have been absolutely unstoppable in every condition we’ve tried them out in.


One of the best things we did during our caravan build, was plan for the wheels on the caravan to exactly match the wheels on our car. It might not be something you’ve ever thought of before, it certainly wasn’t a thought that ever crossed my mind, but Thom was determined that all the tyres needed to match, and it has been such a great decision.

Matching your caravan tyres to your car

I’m always so grateful that Thom thinks about these things, because the logistics of carrying and changing tyres definitely isn’t something that’s ever popped into my head, but matching your caravan tyres to your car is a game changer. Here are some of the reasons why having the same car and caravan tyres will make your life easier:

  • You have two spare tyres that are exactly the same – no need to carry two different spares.
  • You can swap them around between the car and caravan to give them more life. Our tyres all wear down at different speeds, with the back wheels on the car copping the most pressure from towing and wearing down the tread way faster. By having all our tyres matching we have been able to rotate them between the car and the van, giving them a longer lifespan and not having to replace them as often. Great way to save a little bit as well!
  • It always gives us peace of mind.
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falken tyres

Falken’s WildPeak AT3W Tyres

We decided to go with the Falken WILDPEAK AT3W tyres for our car and caravan for our lap around Australia. These tyres are made for adventure and have been so reliable in every condition we’ve dragged them through. They combine dynamic off-road ability, with a smooth ride whenever you’re on the main road.

We have really tested these tyres out. We’ve taken them through sand dunes, corrugated outback tracks, rocky mountains and grassy fields. They have been absolutely perfect in every scenario, no matter how many times we’ve put those pressures up or down.

Sizing: We chose the 265/65R18 to give us a good amount of clearance on our car, which is a 2017 Toyota Hilux. This is a good time to note that this size in particular is not a Light Truck (LT) construction. Lots of people think that you need LT tyres to travel the Aussie Outback, but our WILDPEAK AT3W’s have tackled it with absolute ease!

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falken tyres

The details

They are great for any kind of weather or condition, perfect if you need to try and navigate rugged terrain and are packed full of all new technology to give you the best driving experience. Some of their features include:

  • Heat diffuser technology, which works to keep the tyres cool when you’re towing and carrying heavy loads
  • Designed to stop stones from getting trapped in the grooves
  • Offset shoulder blocks to protect the tyres from sharp rocks
  • Extra off-road traction when you let the tyre pressures down
  • They are rated for severe snow conditions

Falken are so confident that they have created the perfect tyres for your adventures that they even offer an Off-Road Guarantee on the WILDPEAK AT3W tyres. If you damage one of your tyres while you’re four-wheel driving, they’ll give you one FOR FREE! (Check out all the terms and conditions for the guarantee here).

For more information check out the Falken WILDPEAK AT3W product page.

falken tyres

These tyres have been absolute legends throughout our travels so far, we’re so happy with them. They look great, they’re durable and reliable, and they get us absolutely anywhere we need to go. They have proven themselves time and time again in all kinds of difficult situations and after so much testing, we can definitely recommend them as a great tyre for your trip around Australia.

A big shoutout to Falken Tyres, who gifted us the tyres for our car and caravan as partners of our lap of Australia.

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