Where To Stay In Europe

Let’s be honest, we’re all busy. We all have jobs and hobbies and might not have hours to dedicate to looking into hotel and accommodation options for our next trip. So I’m going to make it a little bit easier.

Here is a fast guide to all the hotels and accommodations we stayed in during out time in Europe, with the pros and cons, how much we paid and what we thought about the whole experience.

Let’s make this research process a little easier. Okay, ready…

Jumeirah Zabeel SarayJumeirah Zabeel Saray

Dubai: Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

Address: The Crescent (West), Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Why we booked it: If you’re going to book an expensive hotel anywhere around the world it should be in Dubai. Because everything in Dubai is over the top, elaborate and more luxurious than you could imagine. Even the streets and shopping centres feel like they are glamorous and exotic.

Pros: It was so beautiful and absolutely extravagant. It was definitely the most outrageous hotel I have ever stayed in. The pool was insane, overlooking the beach in front. The property was so big that you never felt overcrowded by other guests. The hotel offered a free shuttle bus to the Mall of Emirates, as well as many of their other properties, which could put you much closer to the main city and therefore reduce taxi prices. You also got free admission to the Wild Wadi Waterpark – a must in the middle of the desert.

Cons: While the location on the Palm Jumeirah was beautiful and offered the best properties, it was a little bit secluded which meant if you were looking for a place to eat breakfast the only option was really in the hotel, which made it extremely expensive. Taxis cost a little bit more to get out to the palm and everything was a little further away.

Average price per night: $301 per night. Check out the best deals for your stay at the Zabeel Saray.

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Dubai

santorini palacesantorini palace

Greece: Santorini Palace

Address: Fira, Firostefani, Santorini Island

Why we booked it: Great location in Firostefani, the main pathway and walk that leads to Fira was just a few steps out the front door. The price point was a bit lower than the other resorts in Firostefani because it didn’t have that iconic caldera view, but it still had all the vibes of a beautiful Santorini resort and a view out over the rest of the island.

Pros: Delicious breakfast included with the accommodation, lovely spacious room and extremely helpful and friendly staff. Space to park any rented quad bikes right out the front of the hotel.

Cons: Honestly don’t have one single con, this hotel was absolutely perfect!

Average price per night: $230 per night.

Check out the best prices for Santorini Palace

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park international hotel london

London: Park International Hotel

Address: 117-125 Cromwell Road, South Kensington

Why we booked it: Quite simply, the price for the location. South Kensington can be unnecessarily expensive, but everyone I spoke to told me it was one of the best areas to stay. We thought the Park International Hotel looked great for it’s price point, and we couldn’t pass up the easy walking distance from Gloucester Road.

Pros: Great location – only two blocks away from Gloucester Road tube station, which made getting around super easy. Walking distance from pubs, cafes and supermarkets which was very convenient. The Hop On Hop Off bus also had a stop outside of Gloucester Road tube station, making sightseeing very easy too.

Cons: Complimentary wifi in the lobby was unbearably slow, but paid wifi was extremely expensive. *Hint: buy and connect to the free wifi in the lobby and then go up to your room. It would still work in out hotel room until the complimentary hour was up (when you would have to go back to the lobby, get a new code and then reconnect) but it was painfully slow.

Average price per night: $220 per night.

Book your stay at the Park International Hotel. Image found here.

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Paris: Elysées Hotel

Address: 100 Rue La Boétie, 8th Arrondissement

Why we booked it: Location, location, location.

Pros: Located in the 8th arrondissement, only two streets back from the Champs Elysées and around the corner from the Arc di Triomph, this property was also within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower. We were able to walk all over the place so we didn’t really need public transport or anything, which made life super easy. There was an elevator in the hotel, which is hard to come by in Paris. It was very tiny, but big enough for us to put our suitcases into and then send it up or down, which means we didn’t have to lug them up multiple flights of stairs. Very rare in Paris!

Cons: Very small rooms with hardly enough space for two suitcases. I mean, it was Paris so I’m assuming this is the same everywhere, but it was definitely the smallest hotel room we had stayed in throughout Europe.

Average price per night: $186 per night.

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venice canals

Venice: Albergo San Marco

Address: Piazza San Marco 811, San Marco, Venice

Why we booked it: Location! Also, this was when Laura joined us, so we needed a hotel room for 3 people and Albergo offered the best option with a fair price – it didn’t triple the price to add one extra person!

Pros: Located right next to Piazza San Marco, Albergo was in a great spot to walk everywhere. Comfortable spacious rooms after coming from London and Paris and a nice breakfast included in the morning. Super fast and efficient wifi throughout the whole property.

Cons: We were very happy with this property, no cons!

Average price per night: $235 per night.

Book your stay at the Albergo San Marco for your trip to Venice

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Albergo Degli Amici, Monterosso al Mare

Cinque Terre: Albergo Degli Amici, Monterosso al Mare

Address: Via Buranco 36, Monterosso al Mare

Why we booked it: Again, looking for a property for three people limited our options, but this Albergo property was also located in a great spot in Monterosso al Mare, amongst the restaurants and cafes and only a short walk from the beach.

Pros: Location, easy walking access to all parts of the town and the beach. Short walk from the villages car parking, which was very easy to access with the suitcases. Very close to the train station, allowing us to explore the other villages of the Cinque Terre with the ease.

Cons: You have assigned seating at breakfast which I did not like – we were forced to sit on a table with other guests, despite there being heaps of empty tables around the room. If I went back I would definitely have eaten breakfast elsewhere.

Average price per night: $233 per night.

Find the best prices at the Albergo Degli Amici

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Rome: 3 Inn Ripetta

Address: Via Di Ripetta 35, Campo Marzio, Rome

Why we booked it: Great location, beautiful modern apartment. Again, beds for three.

Pros: The inside of this apartment was absolutely beautiful. Modern and luxurious, surprisingly spacious for an apartment in Rome. The building was private and secluded with only a few apartments inside. Excellent bathroom facilities, so clean and lovely, with extremely fast wifi. Staff were fantastic, despite our arrival time getting later and later on the day due to unexpected traffic, they were very kind, patient and helpful.

Cons: No parking – not even any street parking available around the property. We had to park several blocks away, which was pretty annoying. Breakfast considered of a coupon for a cafe that was around the corner, not actually at the property.

Average price per night: $165 per night.

Book your stay at 3 Inn Ripetta now

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Croatia: Apartment Spalatro 

Address: Petriĉa 3, 21000 Split

Why we booked it: Great location accommodating for three people with a car park available as well (very rare around Split).

Pros: Very close walking distance from the main street and maria of Split. The apartment was very clean, with a beautifully friendly host who was more than happy to give us some information on the local area. Fast efficient wifi and a full kitchen set up, allowing us to buy food for the few days that we were staying and make snacks – a welcome break after travelling for a few weeks. Fresh fruit and vegetable market at the end of the street too (yes!) . 

Cons: If you’re driving to this apartment the streets are extremely narrow and can be a little scary at times. I would recommend hiring a small car if you’re planning to drive around this area. The parking space is a bit tight to get into, so just take care!

Average price per night: $100 per night.

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Leidseplein Longstreet Apartment Amsterdam

Amsterdam: Leidseplein Longstreet Apartment

Address: Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 136 hs 1017 NN Amsterdam

Why we booked it: Basically, it was one of the only places we could fit 3 people that wasn’t a hostel.

Pros: The upstairs of the house was very nice. Spacious and great for entertaining, but also a great second bedroom for Laura to sleep in with a comfy pull out couch. Great location – easy walking distance to everything – bike rental shop just down the road, cafes, restaurants and shops fill the local canal band streets.

Cons: Ridiculously expensive. The shower was crazy – like being in a space ship – way too difficult. Also, the bathroom would flood and the bedroom downstairs always felt damp. At night the restaurants on either side of the apartment would cover the front door with tables and chairs, which could be a bit awkward to walk through.

Average price per night: €300 per night.

Check out Amsterdam Short Stay Reservations for the best price for your dates. Image found here.

Bezgaer Farmhouse 1, Nadur Malta

Malta: Bezgaer Farmhouse 1, Nadur 

Address: Triq it-Tigrija Nadur NDR9012

Why we booked it: Traditional Maltese farmhouse, enough real bedrooms to fit Thom and I, Laura, Mum and Dad comfortably. Walking distance from the main square of Nadur. Walking distance from the house my grandparents were renting and also the houses the rest of our families were staying. Most importantly in Malta’s hot climate – HAD A POOL!

Pros: THE POOL! Location to Nadur and the town’s main square and church. Three stories, as well as three bedrooms that all had their own bathrooms – which meant we weren’t living on top of each other for the whole week. Easy places to park right out the front, and a half convenience store/half supermarket right next door with all the food and treats you could need through the day.

Cons: Water pressure was very low, so it was difficult to have a good shower and flushing the toilet could sometimes be a problem – especially if we were using the washing machine. No air-conditioning, but that is pretty normal for farmhouses in Malta.

Average price per night: $135 per night.

Where we booked it: Trip Advisor

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Please note, unless otherwise stated all prices are listed in Australian dollars ($AUD). Make sure you always check Hotels Combined to find the best prices for your dates.

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